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Workshops and events

We offer a wide range of free or low cost workshops and events at the British Library, St Pancras. If you can't physically come to the Library you can still take advantage of our expertise by registering for one of our regular webinars, from wherever you are in the world.

Advance booking for all our workshops is essential. If you have to cancel, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance via email or by telephone on +44 (0) 20 7412 7901.

Upcoming workshops & events


Webinar: Introduction to Lean Start-Up

This webinar provides the ideal introduction to Lean Start-Up philosophy and practices.

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Can I protect a business idea?

Learn how intellectual property can protect you and help you profit from your business idea.

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Introduction to using the Business & IP Centre

Find out how the Business & IP Centre can help you achieve business success.

One to one advice

Getting that new product to market

One-to-one advice meetings to help you take the next big step and secure your place on the high street.

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How do I search registered designs?

Understand how registered designs searching can help your businesses succeed

Jessica Huie

Raise your profile-Shine your light

Get your business in the media. Learn the tools to do your own publicity for your small business.


The business plan building workshop

In this workshop, Pete Schonbeck, a highly experienced business coach and advisor will explain the process of structuring a business plan


How do I start using social media for business?

Learn how to develop a social media strategy and see a variety of free software tools to help you along the way.


Business & IP Centre

Four basic research methods for business start-ups

Discover four basic business research methods you can use to ascertain whether your new business idea has the potential to succeed in competitive markets.

Business & IP Centre

How does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 affect me and my business?

What does the Intellectual Property Act 2014 cover? Find out how it is modernising UK intellectual property law, most notably design and patent laws.

What are intellectual property rights?

Discover the UK intellectual property (IP) rights available, ranging from your automatic intellectual property rights to those you have to apply for.

Business & IP Centre

Fair use copyright explained

What constitutes fair dealing in UK copyright law? Discover the core areas of fair use, allowing for the lawful usage or reproduction of work without permission

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